Rime Magic Works!

These reading intervention teachers are excited about the fast results they are seeing when they use Rime Magic.  Students who have fallen behind in word recognition catch up fast in just a few sessions!

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More Testimonials

“So magical! I’ve got kids who are reading Wind and the Willows because of Magic Rimes! A parent came to me and asked, “What happened? We were struggling with The Cat in the Hat and now all of a sudden, we’re reading Pinocchio!”

Megan Hill Waldorf teacher Napa, California

“Wow! That cat [fifth-grade student] sat up like he was on adrenalin! He’s been asleep all year!”

Raymond Nat Turner
Tutor and Performance Artist Berkeley, CA

“Before Magic Rimes, my students were reluctant to come to class. Now they come on time and are so excited! They are seeing the rimes inside the words and they’re not afraid to spell words anymore when they write!”

Shakila Amin
Grad Tutor
(tutor for EL students) El Cerrito, CA

“I can’t believe how much progress Travon has made! He didn’t know the alphabet when he started third grade! Now look at him!”

Andrea Richards Third grade teacher Hayward, CA

“What a difference Rime Magic makes with English Learners who have fallen significantly behind in word recognition! The Magic Rime sequence will erase the gap in word recognition forthwith.”

Angela Barra
ELL Coach/Consultant
West Contra Costa School District

“Based on our school-wide data, students who participated in Sharon Zinke’s reading intervention made significant academic gains based on their CST performance data. Seventy percent of the students participating in the intervention groups made at least one proficiency level increase and 30% made two proficiency level increases. They moved from Far Below Basic to Basic within six months of participation. It’s phenomenal how much progress our students have made in such a short time. It’s amazing!”

Kim Watts
Principal, Lorin Eden Elementary School Hayward, CA

“My middle school students were empowered with Sharon Zinke’s strategies. The students who sit at the back of the class and never say anything, are so excited when they realize that they can read books they never thought they could read. I’ve seen them jump right out of their seats with enthusiasm and new success.”

Alma Owens
Reading Intervention Teacher King Middle School
Berkeley, CA

“As a literacy coach in an urban school, using Sharon Zinke’s
strategies addresses the diverse needs of my students. In a matter of weeks, children increased their accuracy, fluency and spelling skills in a fun yet effective way. This book is a must- read for classroom teachers, literacy coaches , special ed. teachers and reading specialists!”

Hazelle Fortich
Literacy Coach
Berkeley Unified School District

“As an Oakland high school teacher (originally from London) I truly feel Sharon Zinke is The Queen of Literacy
Teachers. Thanks to Sharon Zinke – my students understand what they need to do while reading. Incredible results for my low-functioning readers!”

Manzar Saddique
Physics Teacher, Oakland International High School Oakland, CA

“This is working! My guys love it – they never get tired of it! Magic Rimes is the best strategy I have learned in the past ten years that I have added to my toolbox for helping struggling readers. It engages even the most reluctant students and helps English Learners and students with learning differences quickly gain decoding skills and the confidence they need to see themselves as readers. I can’t recommend Magic Rimes enough to those who work with students who need to learn decoding skills.”

Sue Mitsuno
M.Ed. Learning Specialist El Cerrito, CA

“I have never seen Charlie spell a word like that. It gave me chills! It’s fantastic!”

Tova Halpern
Fourth grade teacher El Cerito, CA

“Sharon Zinke’s Magic Rimes are a simple yet powerful strategy that teachers will soon find to be an essential addition to their intervention toolbox. Both new and experienced teachers will appreciate the ease of incorporating Magic Rimes into their teaching and will be impressed with the accelerated progress of their most struggling readers.

or …

Sharon Zinke IS Magic!”

Marykate McGoldrick
Resource Specialist Berkeley, CA


Perfect solution for dyslexic students!

Sharon Zinke’s book, Rime Magic, is truly magic! Her strategies really make an enormous difference for those middle school students with learning disabilities who have given up being able to spell or read unfamiliar, multi-syllabic words. I have used her techniques with exciting success with my students who have stalled in their reading development; students who have come to me in middle school reading and writing at the 1st and 2nd grade levels now are able to read and write as a result of Sharon’s breakthrough ideas. Her book is filled with practical, easy to understand strategies which you can put into practice immediately and get results- students become so excited and motivated when they see the improvement they’re making. Sharon’s techniques give our struggling students hope for the first time!!

Susan Ryan
Middle School RSP Berkeley, CA

My go-to decoding resource!,
Rime Magic truly works! The program is quick, inexpensive, and easy for teachers to use and implement. I have been using the program with four struggling decoders at varying ages at my school. Rime MagicTM is an intervention strategy that allows the students to feel successful at reading and make progress in decoding over a short period of time (even students who have been struggling with decoding for years). My students come to intervention with smiles on their faces and beg me to keep the activities going longer!

Laura Weiss
Reading Intervention Teacher Oakland, CA