RIME MAGIC: The Phonics and Fluency Accelerator!

Slip Rime Magic in next to any phonics or reading program for five minutes and watch what happens.

Phonics immersion that is smart and engaging! Bring all of your students up to grade level in word recognition before the end of third grade! Faster progress than you’ve ever seen before.


What if you could spend five minutes each morning in grades K-2 and prevent your students from moving up through the grades with low word recognition? Slip in Rime Magic next to any phonics or reading program and watch what happens! Strong foundational skills before third grade.


Upper-grade students who have already fallen behind in word recognition and fluency can catch up easily and within weeks! They can catch up quickly and enjoy it at the same time. 



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RIME MAGIC – A breakthrough in word recognition
and decoding success!

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