About Rime Magic

When students who have struggled with reading and participated in reading intervention groups for years are introduced to Rime Magic, they sit right up and pay attention. They realize right away that there is something very different going on. A few minutes into the first lesson, they can see that this is going to make a difference.

Rime Magic takes decoding instruction to a level that makes it easily transfer to reading. Instead of practicing isolated phonics skills, students learn to see the rime inside a word (example: slippery). After experiencing the Rime Magic sequence, they will no longer have to rely on “sounding out” words from beginning to end, a strategy that is most often frustrating and confusing, given the irregularity of the English language. They will begin to see words in “chunks” that make sense to them, allowing more efficient word recognition.


Very short sessions with Rime Magic will make a significant difference in word recognition for students who have fallen behind. You can expect to see fast growth for most students after just a few sessions. Upper-grade students who score below a 3.0 word-recognition grade equivalent will quickly respond to Rime Magic strategies, moving closer and closer to reading grade-level text easily, able to participate with their peers in classroom language arts activities.


Five to ten minutes of Rime Magic each morning will prevent your first- and second-grade students from falling behind in word recognition. You can slip a few minutes of Rime Magic into any language arts program you might be using in your classroom, and watch what happens! Students transitioning from Spanish will find English reading much more accessible and have fun in the process. Students with a specific learning disability can make good progress in overcoming blending difficulties, often making enough growth to rejoin their classmates in mainstream language arts activities.


Share Rime Magic with administrators and other interested educators. Download this informative flyer about the Rime Magic approach to learn more! DOWNLOAD RIME MAGIC FLYER


You will find that Foundational Skills are addressed when you implement the strategies in The Decoding Soluton: Rime Magic and Fast Success for Struggling Readers.